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Frederique Constant watches are defined by their high quality, differentiation and precision in design and manufacture. We have a passion for design of our beautiful watches. Their perceived value — through quality of design, materials, and manufacture — is a key component of our success.  Each of our watches is assembled by hand and extensively controlled with latest equipment to ensure maximum quality. We innovate to offer creativity and exceptional value. Our factory in Plan-les-Ouates Geneva is ultra modern and offers the best environment for our passionate watchmakers.

Already in the early 18th century, Genève became known as a major center for the creation and production of fine timepieces. Since then, the Genèvese watchmakers have risen to unparalleled heights in the Art of Horology. The first users of timekeepers were astronomers who were responsible for the most significant inventions: the pendulum clock and the watch balance spring.
Most of the world’s best known watch manufacturers are based in Genève . Cross-fertilization between companies as well as co-operation with suppliers enable independent manufacturers to remain at the forefront of precision watch making. Watchmakers are the most important assets of a watch manufacturer, since each watch is individually assembled by hand. Watch making schools in Genève and La Chaux-de-Fonds have educated
most of the watchmakers at Frederique Constant. Many of them gained experience in the ateliers of renowned brands before joining Frederique Constant. Yet pure capabilities alone are only part of the equation; to be successful, a watchmaker at Frederique Constant must be truly passionate about his or her work.

Our philosophy is not to restrict the interest in Frédérique Constant Genève timepieces just to connoisseurs, but deliberately also to reach a broader selection of appreciative enthusiasts who want to enjoy high quality and timeless yet classical watches at sensible prices. The mission of Frédérique Constant is therefore, to apply the following three values to the development process of each of our models:

Design, Quality and Innovation

We pay particular attention to design at Frédérique Constant. We like our watches to be classical and traditional whilst remaining timeless. Every timepiece is created with a genuine passion for details. You will discover delicate guilloché decoration and refined printings on our dials, while our cases are entirely hand-polished for a luxurious, smooth feel and a remarkable shine.

Each Frédérique Constant watch is hand-assembled and each watch is checked and controlled over a long period of time -by both human beings as well as special equipment to ensure optimal quality. Making no compromises in terms of quality is a strict priority for Frédérique Constant.

For a watch to be called “Swiss Made”, at least 50% of its value has to be added within Switzerland. We go further than that. All our watches are produced within our own workshops in Plan-les-Ouates in the Canton of Geneva. All include a Swiss movement, and are assembled and controlled by highly qualified craftsmen and –women as well as state-of-art equipment. We take the “Swiss Made” label very serious.

Frédérique Constant is continuously innovating and invests massively in this domain to offer creativity and outstanding technical features in its timepieces. Whether it is our way of working on a day-to-day basis, or in the tools in which we invest, our methods are always highly innovative.

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