Extraordinary Timepieces & Jewelry

BOVET perpetuates the tradition in decorative arts for its dials and movements that made its watches among the most traused luxry objects of the 19th centry.

Today workmanship in enamels, mother-of-pearls, minatures and engraving continue to set BOVET watches apart as distincitive works of art.

Enamel minatures, for example, take more than 250 hours of conentioration and a dozen or more firiings in a kiln to distil the emotion of a portrait or the drama of a wildlife study.  Decorating a movement is also a delicate operation involving a vast arrary of tiny details, many of which are hidden, and all of which require a sepciasts hand.  Movements for the the Reurier line are richly engraved in BOVETs own fleurisanne style, sometimes enameled and set with split pearls, wheras Sportster movements are finished in the classic Cotes de Geneve decoration with screws and rotor blued by fire.

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