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Alpina Genève is a Swiss manufacturer of accessible luxury watches and is an independent company based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1883, we continue to develop highly distinctive and attractive collections with a real sporting pedigree.

The company is involved in all the stages of the production, from initial design through to final assembly. Each watch is assembled by hand and we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art digital machinery for maximum quality. Which means that what you put on your wrist is a genuine luxury product but not at a luxury price.

Each Alpina watch shares a common core, whether it is the limited edition Tourbillons or the Ladies Extreme Regulator Ceramic – they are made to be worn by you whatever you do and wherever you are.

But an Alpina watch is more than that. It is about tradition and heritage, about using age old traditions to make a precious mechanical time piece but bringing in modern technology to guarantee an even higher quality product. It is about knowing that we have been making watches non-stop since 1883.

It is about letting our ambassadors take the watches into the world and use them. It is about listening and bringing to you their ideas and improvements. It is about providing a watch that is good to be seen with and good to use.

It is about taking part in your life.

It is about being a player.

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