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Maestoso has written a new chapter in the history of Haute Horlogerie. And the challenge? To equip a wristwatch with a traditional detent escapement, a mechanism usually designed to run in a perfectly stabilized position, and which, thanks to its sublime beauty, manages to eclipse the tourbillon..

Enabling the mechanism to operate in all the positions that wearing a wristwatch entails – without resorting to the convenience of a modern, shorter detent – is a genuine gamble, pulled off via the three patents and a series of additional innovative systems. To prevent the detent from turning over, an anti-pivot cam, integral to the spring balance, works in conjunction with the safety finger. To cope with the risks of over-banking, a flexible thrust bearing fitted on the wheel and connected to the balance absorbs any excess energy. 

Christophe Claret has also endowed the watch with a constant force, guaranteeing stable energy and amplitude throughout the power reserve.”

Visit the Maestoso here, at christopheclaret.com

This is our first in a series of “review style” videos we hope to share. This is an overview of the GoS Winter Nights Collection. For questions or comments regarding GoS Watches, please call 216-382-7011 for details or email us at info@picciones.com

Christophe Claret is known throughout the watch industry as a watchmaking genius and engineering extraordinaire. Read more…

Here is an interesting test that the folks at Revolution Magazine conducted to test the chronometry of seven watches over seven days. While this is test isn’t scientific and further testing ought to be conducted, the results were somewhat surprising. Also, it’s a pretty cool video, so enjoy!

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Check out this very cool video by Franck Muller showing the construction of a perpetual calendar tourbillon with moon phase that they put together! Very well done, indeed!


Take a look at this short 1 minute video we took of the Greubel Forsey 24 Secondes Asymetric we have in stock! (April, 2013) The dial depth is fantastic and you get a real sense of the speed at which the tourbillon carriage moves. For questions, pricing, and availability, please call 216-382-7011!

Astonishing. Remarkable. Unbelievable. Captivating. Those are only a few of the words that can be used to describe the Christophe Claret X-Trem-1. But perhaps the most appropriate word to use is revolutionary. The X-Trem-1 — which is only limited to 8 pieces per model world wide — is a watchmaking wonder. Read more…

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Here is one of the coolest watches ever made: the Ulysse Nardin Freak! We were able to get really cool up close video of the silicium escapement being used.

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